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Testimonies of school bullying: Understanding, acting, preventing

School bullying remains a sinister shadow hovering in the corridors of our schools, insidiously affecting the lives of many students. In this exploration dedicated to understanding and combating this scourge, we invite you to delve into the often little-known world of school bullying through poignant testimonials, with the aim of raising public awareness of the reality of this problem and presenting an innovative software solution, Netethic, dedicated to the prevention and detection of school bullying.

1 - Noémie, 11, and bodyshaming

  • 1. Stalker(s):

Noémie reveals the identity of those who sowed torment on her journey through elementary school, revealing the impact of her classmates who turned into stalkers.

  • 2. Types of harassment encountered :

The girl received degrading comments about her looks (she’s skinny) and pernicious online attacks. Both forms of abuse underline the need for a holistic approach to counter these harmful behaviors.

  • 3. Consequences for the victim :

Noémie opens a window onto her inner world and exposes the devastating consequences of harassment. Realizing the emotional and psychological damage inflicted, Noémie’s mother chose to consult a psychologist.

Among other heartbreaking consequences, Noémie was forced to change schools to escape the persistent torment. This radical change underlines the seriousness of school bullying and highlights the need for immediate action to prevent such situations in the future.

  • 4. Video Testimonial: Noémie shares her harrowing story of school bullying

To discover Noémie’s poignant interview and hear her story of school bullying, we invite you to watch the full video by following this link.

2 - Claire, scapegoat in 4th grade

  • 1. Stalker(s) :

The stalkers were a group of middle-school girls. Starting out as an attempt to separate them from their mutual friend, the group quickly turned to persistent aggression, deliberately targeting Claire.

  • 2. Type of bullying encountered :

Claire endured a variety of harassments, ranging from insults to defamatory rumors. These behaviors evolved into violent physical acts, such as the destruction of her personal belongings and even a physical assault by a boy that resulted in a fractured coccyx.

  • 3. Consequences of harassment on the victim :

The consequences for Claire were profound. She developed emotional isolation, avoiding the paths frequented by her harassers to return home. These actions had psychological repercussions, leading to a loss of appetite and difficulty eating. Claire also felt the need to hide, to become “transparent”, using her body as a silent means of communication in the face of her inability to express herself verbally.

3 - Marie - The difficulty of finding one's place

  • 1. Bully(s):

For Marie, bullying was carried out by the whole class. After moving house several times, she had trouble finding her place among her peers in elementary school and junior high. The whole class rallied against her, making her vulnerable to the cruel acts she was subjected to.

  • 2. Type of harassment encountered :

Marie was confronted with various forms of bullying, ranging from teasing to theft of personal belongings. Humiliating acts, such as the theft of her shoes during a fire alarm drill, have marked her journey.

  • 3. Consequences of harassment on the victim :

The impact on Marie was significant, leaving emotional scars that have persisted over the years. She had difficulty identifying these experiences as bullying until recently, underlining the persistence of trauma even after a prolonged period. Memories of public humiliation and loss of personal possessions have left lasting marks on her emotional well-being.

4 - Anne-Liz, victim of racism and bullying at school

  • 1. Harassers:

In this poignant story, Anne-Liz’s harassers are a group of students in her class and anonymous people making hateful comments online.

  • 2. Type of harassment encountered :

The harassment suffered by Anne-Liz takes various forms:

Physical and verbal harassment, with the destruction of her personal property as well as contemptuous words.

cyberstalking, characterized by cruel and degrading private messages

The third scene represents a shocking escalation to physical harassment, with a threat to set Anne-Liz on fire.

  • 3. Harmful consequences for the victims :

The consequences for Anne-Liz are devastating. Physical and verbal harassment in the classroom creates a hostile environment that can affect her mental and emotional health. Cyberstalking intensifies these consequences by directly attacking her person, resulting in severe psychological trauma. The ultimate physical threat during the ambush leaves deep scars, creating a sense of terror and vulnerability in Anne-Liz. These consequences underline the urgent need for intervention and awareness-raising to combat racism and harassment in all their forms.

  • 4. Video Testimonial: Anne-Liz shares her moving story of school bullying

To discover Anne-Liz’s touching interview and hear her account of bullying at school, we invite you to watch the full video by following this link.

Solutions : Towards a safe school environment with Netethic

In the face of harrowing accounts of school harassment and discrimination, the need for immediate action becomes imperative. Netethic, our detection and prevention software, is an innovative solution for creating a safe, caring school environment that guarantees these functions:

1. Early detection :

Netethic uses advanced algorithms to detect the early signs of bullying and cyberbullying. Through constant analysis of online and offline interactions, the software quickly identifies potentially harmful behavior, enabling proactive intervention.

2. Customized intervention :

When incidents are detected, Netethic offers personalized intervention. Teachers, parents and school administrators are informed confidentially, facilitating rapid action tailored to each student’s specific situation.

3. Awareness-raising and training :

Netethic is not limited to detection, but also extends to awareness-raising and training. Educational resources are made available to educators, parents and students to promote a culture of inclusion, respect and tolerance.

4. Emotional well-being monitoring :

The software offers monitoring of students’ emotional well-being, identifying significant changes in their behavior and mood. This feature makes it possible to detect the effects of bullying on victims’ mental well-being and provide appropriate support.