Netéthic Solution logicielle de lutte contre le cyberharcèlement scolaire

Netethic Education

Netethic accompanies schools in their fight against bullying through a comprehensive resource offering features tailored to each individual's user profile.

Why opt for Netethic Education for your educational institution?

Netethic is the ideal software solution for your school. Within the school environment, 1 in 5 students are a victim of bullying. This phenomenon is often accompanied by online harassment and violence.

Through Netethic, we have set out to make the very first signs of bullying (at school or online) easily identifiable, allowing schools to act as quickly and effectively as possible.

The mission of Netethic Education

Netethic Education accompanies schools throughout every stage of the bullying cycle, by means of training (pre), real-time detection and warnings (during), and support (post).






How does Netethic Education work?

Netethic Education is a comprehensive resource for the prevention, detection, and management of cyberbullying. It aims to foster an educational environment focusing on the online serenity and well-being of adolescents and young adults. Its functionalities are based on advanced digital technologies and algorithms, aiming to provide the best possible support for educational bodies in the prevention and accompaniment of young people suffering from bullying or anxiety.

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Netethic Education?

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