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Explore our Netethic FAQ for quick answers to frequently asked questions. We're here to guide you every step of the way in using our state-of-the-art software, designed to prevent and combat harassment.

Netethic Features

Yes, Netethic detects bullying signals in real time.
Yes, as long as the browser complies with minimum usage requirements.
Yes, Netethic is compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
Yes, Netethic is highly adaptable and capable of analyzing exchanges in different languages.
Yes, Netethic is regularly updated to ensure the highest levels of accuracy when detecting bullying.
Yes, a free trial version is available for educational institutions.
No, Netethic is designed to be user-friendly and does not require extensive training for basic use.

Privacy & Security

No, Netethic is founded on respect for personal privacy and keeps the collection of personal data to an absolute minimum.
No, Netethic does not share any collected data with third parties as stated in its privacy policy.
All personal information disclosed by users is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation. It is securely stored by us on our servers located within the national territory, and is under no circumstances shared with third parties. Any user may at any time request in writing the total deletion of his/her personal data from our servers.

Types of detected bullying

Yes, Netethic can detect various types of bullying, including online bullying (cyberbullying).
Yes, Netethic is designed to detect many different types of bullying.
Yes, Netethic can be adapted to take account of cultural nuances in detecting bullying.
Yes, Netethic can be setup to detect bullying based on a variety of criteria, including race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Reports and usage

Yes, Netethic generates detailed reports on all detected incidents.
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