Netéthic Solution logicielle de lutte contre le cyberharcèlement scolaire

Netethic Family

Netethic stands alongside parents in the fight against cyberbullying, providing them with a comprehensive software solution equipped with personalized features tailored to each user's individual profile and needs.

Why opt for Netethic Family for the protection of your children?

Netethic Family is the ideal solution to watch over your children. According to the French Ministry of Education, 40% of students in France reported having been victims of online aggression or abuse.

With Netethic Family, we have specifically developed a tool enabling parents to spot and take action against cyberbullying at the very earliest signs.

Our comprehensive, personalized approach affords parents the means to gain training, to be fully aware of their children's digital practices, and to take swift, targeted action, ensuring their children's peace of mind and well-being as they go about their online activities.

The mission of Netethic Family

As a social-impact company, we offer a widely accessible solution to better prepare families in the fight against the cyberbullying scourge.






How does Netethic Family work?

Netethic Family is a comprehensive resource for the prevention and detection, of toxic online practices. It aims to transform the cyber space into a healthy and serene place for children and adolescents. Its functionalities leverage advanced digital technologies and algorithms to provide families with the best possible support in their use of digital technology, digital parenting, and safeguarding minors as they engage in their online routines.

Want to learn more about
Netethic Family?

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